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CW Hawkins is a one-of-a-kind, multi-speciality, Non-profit and Non-Governmental-Organization that endeavors to work towards the total social upliftment of society. It is a registered A 5013C NGO, under the New York State Charity.

CW Hawkins believes that no cause is too small and every cause is worth working for. That’s why, be it care for the elderly, healthcare and upliftment of poor women and children or care for animals, CW Hawkins is a unique organization which caters to the needs of society as a whole.


In 2006, a team of family and friends lead by Miss Pastor CW Hawkins formed this internationally recognized NGO in memory of her beloved Grandmother, Minister Thelma Lee Moten. Since then the NGO has grown in size and numbers. It has expanded its reach in order to reach out to the maximum number of people, worldwide.


(1913 - 2000)

Occie Moten & Thelma Lee Motens Home Roanoke, Virginia.

Minister Moten, was born in 1913 and was raised Methodist and Catholic. She was an accomplished piano and organ musician in the church. She was also a Sunday School Superintendent, children’s choir director and more. But most of all, she was a kind soul.

For more then 60 years, Minister Moten, worked with the poor, homeless and working poor families. She also worked with addicts, prison releases, senior citizens, the homebound disabled, runaway youth and disabled veterans. The church, and Jesus was her foundation. In addition, she worked as a full time restaurant professional baker, until she retired at the age of 70.

Minister Moten was also a foster grandmother with Headstart. She taught music lessons and developed a children’s traveling choir in Roanoke, Virginia.

Minister Moten, was awarded for her work at the White House, during the Reagan Administration. She was bestowed with the honor of ‘Outstanding Senior Citizen Community Service Individual’, from the state of Virginia (Only 100 people were chosen nationwide). She won this honor, two years in a row, for the state of Virginia.

In the year 2000, she passed away. However, she left a legacy and touched the lives of many. Hundreds of people, credited her, with changing the direction in their lives forever. She received countless telegrams and hotel messages by those who were grateful to her. She was one of the few people in this world who truly lived the life of a saint.


In a world where most basic human rights aren’t ensured, animal rights are far from acknowledgement. Animals areoften caged, neglected, tortured and sometimes even killed. This leaves them to the mercy of society. The abuse they face is due to lack of empathy and consideration for those who can’t even ask for it.

CW Hawkins takes a stand against the ill-treatment of animals and offers various services to ensure their safety and well-being. The staff and volunteers organize various camps to inform and educate people about the ethical treatment of animals. They organize rehabilitation camps for pet dogs & cats and help provide them with shelter. They also fight for animal rights and undertake various measures to medically treat these animals and rehabilitate them. Various programs for animal care and welfare are also conducted.

In addition, CW Hawkins is also a retired Race Horse Volunteer & Contributor. Her beloved father, was an expert horse racing handicapper, at Belmont & Aqueduct Racetrack for decades. She attended the track for years of horse racing, including the Secretariat Triple Crown Win, at Belmont Racetrack in 1973.

They also fight for animal...


CW Hawkins is plays a crucial role in preventive care by creating awareness on hygiene, disease prevention. It also undertakes drugs distribution through various programs. It raises funds through fundraiser programs to support the poor and help them receive necessary medical treatments. The staff and volunteers endeavor to contribute towards a healthier society.