CW Hawkins: A charitable organization for children

You must have witnessed while going to your office, workplace, college or any kind of public place some poor and starving children and kids on the roadside begging for food and money or whatever they can have from you. Well you cannot imagine the number of such poor and starving children present worldwide who are deprived from their fundamental amenities such as food, education and shelter to live in. Some of the parts in the world such as west and central Africa are most vulnerable for the poor and deprived children. Instead of getting better the condition of children immersed in poverty is deteriorating day by day.

Who works as education charity organization?

Poverty can be completely eradicated from the world by making every poor and marginalized kid and children educated. Though government agencies and departments have made policies and programs for providing the poor children with free of cost compulsory education and food yet the stats about the conditions of the primary age group in respect to education, food and living are horrible to look. Charity is when any person, a group of person or any organization voluntarily donates money for a social cause such as feeding the poor or providing shelter to the orphans then it is called as charity. It comprises raising money and its dissemination amongst the poor and needy by providing them food and every other product which helps them in having a better living. Charitable organization for children are completely dedicated in doing such noble works. There are numerous child donation organization which are working as a helping hand for the poor children.

Why is there need of Organization that help children?

With over half of the children accounting for the extremely poor people in the world there is a serious concern regarding the poverty among the children and its consequences on the overall growth of society. Not only in the rich countries in rich countries 1 out of every 4 children is living in poverty. With such horrifying facts it becomes essential to work for the betterment of the unprivileged and the poor people of the society by organizations that help the poor.

Role of CW Hawkins as a NGO Supporting girl child education

CW Hawkins isa registered Non-governmental and Non-Profit organization which is continuously moving forward in the direction of giving a helping hand to those poor, marginalized and underprivileged children in getting all the necessary living amenities such as food, shelter and education. It is an organization which is scheduling a number of educational and poverty reducing programs for the sake and benefit of the poor kids. The organization is also widely renowned as NGO for girl child education. You can also become a participant of these noble programs and events of making poor children and kids empowered through education and by donating funds and sponsoring our children education program.  What you all need to do is to visit the official website of our NGO and donate funds.