Need of a growing nation- Charity for health care

Health care is an important part of an economy as a healthy nation can be build and grown by a healthy citizen. Diagnosis, treatment methods for injuries, illness and disease are the criterion for health care. Although countries do know that primary healthcare is much important part of the economic and social growth of a country yet a large segment of population is deprived from this fundamental amenity of living healthy life. Thus charity for health care is must because it is not only the government machinery responsible for providing health care and support but also social organization our CW Hawkins which is relentlessly working for the health and care support to the needful people.

Why there is need of giving Charity for health care?

Disease, illness and infections are a regular affairs for the ones who are subjecting themselves to the polluted environment, unhealthy food practices and other daily life hacks. About 16% of the global burden disease has been reported by the Obesity related problems. In the recent year of 2015 more than 16000 children died because of expensive vaccines and were below 5 years. 45% of children born are died at the time of birth. Hepatitis and malaria were amongst the foremost diseases of deaths. Heart diseases and stroke killed about 15 million people in a year.

These are some of the facts which are not even disturbing but also cause of concern and make some socially active organizations like us to go a way ahead and provide healthcare to those who are deprived of it. Every responsible citizen should do a bit from his or her domain. Giving charity for health care is one such deed through which you can help in upbringing the health standards of the society.

How does your charity for health care help?

There are so many harmful habits and living conditions because of which some small diseases and infections which can even lead to death. These deteriorating health conditions do occur because of improper treatments. However most of the cases reported are because of the lack of treatment. It happens majorly because of 2 reasons, first is poor awareness and second is lack of money. We at CW Hawkins are engaged in a the task of providing better health care facilities  with the help and utilization of funds raised through the charity for health and care given by you. Frequent events and programs are scheduled for health awareness. Grey areas in which the work is done are:

  1. Health awareness program
  2. Maternity relief programs
  3. Vaccination programs
  4. Disease control and prevention programs
  5. Free checkup and medicine distribution program

Become a noble citizen and be assured with our NGO team by giving charity for health care.