Give charities for women’s education and empower then for development

Women are an important part of the society. From being dominant part of the society they have become a relevant and most active contributors and participants an almost every aspect of life making every other age group and gender to have inspiration from them. Since a very long time women have been given a respected and authoritative position in many roles of the society. But the current situations and trends within this significant gender are really disturbing and a trigger for us to reevaluate the conditions and status of women. Charities for Women's EducationA women can be seen in many different roles in the society right from the mother, sister, wife, and friend to teacher, trainer and many other more. Since a very long time a lot of programs and events have been done for making the conditions of the women in the society better. Abolition of sati, reduction in female infanticide, abolition of child marriage and many other more have been attempted to winnow out of the society since a very long time. Yet a very large number of women remains hopeless and helpless and deprived of the basic fundamental rights. The most appropriate tool for empowering women and bringing a change in their living is education which is possible by charities for women’s education. Now this education involves all the levels of education such as basic, school level, vocational level and professional level. Health education is also an important part of the women empowerment. Education helps the women to know about their rights and empower them through awareness and knowledge. Women if educated can bring socio-economic changes themselves.

Why there is need to give charities for women’s education

  1. More than 70 million children in the world are deprived of basic education and half of them are girls. On a global platform about 65 million girls do not have access to school. Out of 123 million about 61 % are women. Are these figures not disturbing? If yes then you can give charities for women’s education and become contributor in bringing out change in the women’s life.

How your charities for women’s education does help?

Funds raised through charities for women’s education are invested in many kinds of social events which are planned for disseminating the benefits to the women. Through these services women’s get a huge advantage in bringing themselves up and becoming a part of the mainstream society. Below are the points mentioned where the work is done for women

  1. In organizing health camps
  2. Providing nutritious diet
  3. Counseling session for their career
  4. Making them aware about their rights
  5. Security related affairs
  6. Maternity relief
  7. Protection from domestic violence

These are some of the grey areas working on which better conditions and empowerment can be awarded through charities for women’s education.